5 tips from Google that will help you stay safe while shopping online – Times of India

As the festive season is here, most of the ecommerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, Croma and others are offering attractive discounts on scores of products. Due to the pandemic, online shopping has seen a significant boom in the last year. This also means an increase in risks that users face, as more people head online and the range of threats from cybercrime increases.
According to data from the United Nations, cybercrime has already risen 600% since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. So, to help users stay safe online Google conducted a study to study the vulnerabilities in the online shopping experience. Based on the findings, the company has shared a few tips that will help you stay safe while shopping online.
Create a unique password for each account
Users should create a unique password for each account to minimise the risk. Make sure that each password is hard to guess and better yet, at least eight characters long.
Use a password manager
Users should use a password manager to create and use strong and unique passwords on all your devices, without the need to remember or repeat each one. Using a password manager makes signing in convenient, especially on small mobile screens – instead of entering in a password each time, you can just press a button.
Set up a security phone number or email address
One should set up a security phone number or email address and keep it updated so banks and other service providers can contact you right away if there’s suspicious activity on the account.
Set up 2-Step Verification (2SV)
Users should set up 2-Step Verification (2SV) on every site that offers it. This dramatically increases security by requiring “something you know” (like a password) and “something you have” (like your phone or a security key).
“Add to Cart” with care
Users should always double-check before buying anything from a page without the secure symbol. Buyers often make purchases on pages without the secure symbol, increasing the opportunity for fraudsters to steal details.

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