Babri Masjid: Babri was a mosque, shall always remain one, says AIMPLB | Lucknow News – Times of India

LUCKNOW: A day ahead of the scheduled bhoomi pujan of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) reiterated the provisions of the Sharia which state that once a mosque is established at any place, it remains a mosque till eternity.
AIMPLB which supported prime litigants in the Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid title dispute in court for decades, further added that “… hence Babri masjid was a masjid before, is a masjid today and shall remain a masjid”. The Board went on to add that the status of a mosque did not change by “placing idols inside the masjid, doing puja or by prohibiting offering namaz there for a long time.”

The statement issued on Tuesday by board general secretary Maulana Mohammad Wali Rahmani, said, “It has always been our position that the Babri masjid was never built by demolishing any mandir or any Hindu place of worship. The Supreme Court has also affirmed our position in its November 2019 judgment.”
He added, “SC has also said that remnants found after the excavation carried out below the masjid site belonged to some 12th century structure–that is 400 years before Babri Masjid was constructed.”
The AIMPLB further said that the SC has given its verdict but has embarrassed justice. Calling the entire movement led by Hindutva elements as one based on oppression, coercion, intimidation, embezzlement, usurpation and calumny, AIMPLB said it was a purely political movement with nothing to do with religion and religious teachings. Rahmani also appealed to Indian Muslims to not be disappointed with the SC verdict and construction of the temple. Meanwhile, one of the plaintiffs in the Ayodhya court case, Haji Mahboob sent a letter to PM Modi stating that the promise made in January 7, 1993 in Parliament should also be fulfilled, along with temple construction.

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