Coding app CEO lashes out at Apple, receives apology later – Times of India

Apple App Store has been in the news for sometime for its payment rules. Apple is already fighting a bitter battle with Fortnite maker Epic Games over the same. Hopscotch app CEO Samantha John recently shared a long thread on Twitter where she shared the tough time she faced while submitting an update for her app. For those unaware, Hopscotch is a coding app for kids.
In the post, John says that the team submitted a fix to Hopscotch app. However, the app update was rejected a number of times by Apple. It was because, as Apple described, their “promoted in-app purchases had identical titles and descriptions which could be confusing to users.”

The app was resubmitted for fix with changes as per Apple’s the description, but was again rejected.“At this point, I didn’t know what to do. I was in a Kafkaesque universe where I had to blindly guess at what could be wrong and randomly change things until the bureaucrats let me through (with a one-day delay)”, writes the CEO in a tweet.

She then wrote to a contact at Apple explaining the issue and was told to submit an appeal.

Apple, as one can see in the screenshots shared by her, said that the rejection was valid and that the app did not comply with App Store review guidelines.

Three days since the original release date, John said she remained in suspense as to what exactly the team did wrong.

Ultimately she got a call from the Apple App Store. But thinking it as ‘potential spam’, she ignored the call.

She was finally able to talk to a representative and told her about the problem. The Apple representative told her that ‘the automated software must have had a glitch’ and could be the reason behind rejections.

The issue was resolved. But John was furious at ‘the system’ which she called ‘rotten’. “The way that Apple wasted my energy, gaslighted me, and sucked my time away made me furious”, she wrote in a post.

She goes on to say that despite paying 30% tax, app developers have to “deal with this unfriendly behemoth of a system is just as bad if not worse.”

She updated the thread where she said that she received a call from Apple to apologize for the inconvenience and ask for feedback. “Who knows if they’ll actually implement it, but at least they are listening”, she said.

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