Coronavirus vaccine update: WHO asks countries to join COVAX platform to ensure equitable access | The Times of India

Considering the deadly spread of infections, a COVID-19 vaccine is our only ray of hope, with some quelling rumours that the world’s first vaccine might be ready before the end of 2020.

While the work on vaccine development has, in the past weeks been accelerated in a speedy way, one of the prime concerns regarding the distribution is about equitable access. From the questions of who would get priority access, to ensure easy and fair distribution, philanthropists and medicine makers have been ensuring that we do not have the problem of having a bigger pandemic at hand. World Health Organisation, which is overseeing vaccine development is also pitching in efforts to ensure that a vaccine is made available for all.

In light of this, WHO, in its most recent advisory, invited countries worldwide to be a part of its unique ‘COVAX’ platform which works to further accelerate the development of a vaccine.

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