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The ketogenic diet or the keto diet is one of the trendiest diets these days. Whether you aim to shed kilos or are just trying to stay fit, this low-carb and high-fat diet has proven to be quite effective and popular among the masses. The main principle of the keto diet is to consume the right amount of fat, carbs, and protein, to force your body to change its source of energy from carbs to fat or to reach ketosis. Ketosis is referred to a state in which the body starts to produce ketones using the fat deposited in the liver. One has to consume less than 50 grams of carbs daily, keeping the protein intake moderate and increase fat consumption. In this video, Pruthvij Patil, a keto diet expert, shares some important tips about this popular diet trend. If you are planning to start keto, you must watch this video.

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