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The market share of Chromebooks has taken a tumble in the last few quarters. That’s not being a deterrent for Google as it is rolling out new features for Chromebooks regularly. The tech giant is now making it easier for Chromebook users to take notes among other things. Here are the key new features coming to Chromebooks:
Beter stylus support for taking notes
Last year, Google launched the Cursive app on select Chromebooks. Now, Google is rolling it out to all Chromebooks that work with a stylus. The Cursive app makes it easy to capture, edit and organise handwritten notes on your Chromebook. Users can also sketch out drawings, or paste images within notes. With the Cursive app, users can also quickly copy and paste it into another app or send a PDF. Other features include erasing anything you don’t like by scribbling over it with a stylus. “In the coming months we’ll also introduce features for more personalisation, like more easily changing the thickness, style and colour of the stylus stroke,” said Google in a blog post.
Cursive will be preinstalled on all eligible Chromebooks. Users can just tap the Everything Button and search for the app. Or they can download it.
Customised magnification feature
Chromebooks currently have the docked magnifier feature which creates a split-screen: the bottom half is your standard screen, and the top half is the zoomed-in version of your screen. Google is now allowing users to control the size of the magnified portion of the screen. “You can make it larger if you want to see more zoomed-in content, or smaller if you want to see more of the standard screen. You can adapt it to fit your preferences, or adjust based on the content you’re looking at,” said Google in the blog post.
Further, eligible Chromebooks will notify users if the USB-C cable they are using won’t support displays, or isn’t performing ideally for the laptop. “You’ll also get a notification if the cable you’re using doesn’t support the high-performance USB4/Thunderbolt 3 standards that your Chromebook does,” added Google in the blog post.

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