google pixel 6: Google Pixel 6 series could come with these new camera features – Times of India

After the launch of the iPhone 13, one of the big smartphone launches coming up this year is the Google Pixel 6 series, which, for the first time ever, will come powered by Google’s in-house Tensor chipset. While there is still some time left before the launch of the Android flagship, various leaks regarding the features of the smartphones have already started appearing.
The latest leak to join the list is regarding the camera features of the Pixel 6 devices, courtesy of the folks at XDA Developers, who claims to have unearthed some info about the Camera app of the Google Pixel 6 Pro.
The report mentions a camera feature called “face deblur”, which Google has already shown in August. What the feature does is that it can make a sharper image of a moving object when it is snapped by the camera. You may also be able to save the versions of the shot before and after applying the effect, but it is not confirmed yet.
Another feature that’s been mentioned is the “magic eraser.” While the report isn’t clear on what it does but as per speculation, it could be an effect to remove the undesired effects in the shot like glare and some of the background objects.
There is a “motion blur” feature too which is supposed to add “creative blur effects” to photos. “Scene lock” and “Nima aesthetic” and “timer light” are also mentioned. Going by Google’s history, it may ship only a few of these features with the Pixel 6 series. Or not.
Possible video and audio recording features
The report claimed that the Pixel 6 Pro would support 4K60 video capture but only from the main camera and that the video recording would be capped at 4K30 from the other camera sensors, which would have an ultrawide sensor included too. The maximum zoom level when recording at 4K60 or 1080p60 is reportedly going to be set at 7X.
The Pixel 6 series may also come with support for audio zoom feature, just like the Pixel 4 and Pixel 5 phones. This feature helps to focus the camera on zooming on to the desired location and recording the audio there with the help of microphones.

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