Independence Day 2022: Kartik Aaryan: As a kid I used to love reading stories of Bhagat Singh – Exclusive – Times of India

As India celebrates its 76
th Independence Day, ETimes reached out to actor Kartik Aaryan to know about his definition of freedom, which freedom fighter inspires him the most and if he would like to feature in a patriotic film. Excerpts:

We are celebrating 75 years of independence. Being a public figure and an artist, how would you want to make a difference to the society?
Being a public figure comes with a lot of responsibility. Our movies and our every action impress a lot of minds, especially the young ones. As a public figure hence I always make sure to spread the right information to the masses and the youth. When pandemic hit the country, I was so shocked hearing so many different fake remedies and causes of Covid. It was something inside me that convinced me to spread the right news and in an interesting way. Hence my debut chat show was Koki Poochega – all about dos and donts for the pandemic. We actors are blessed when masses are ready to hear us out and give us their time and when one has that blessing, then why not tell the masses something that can bring a difference. Even in my small way, I always make my presence on social media all about motivation and a light conversation – to virtually connect to my fans and also bring a smile to everyone’s face – because spreading happiness is what will keep us going in harmony and mark more happy milestones for many more independence to come.

Growing up, which freedom fighter’s story inspired you the most?
During our childhood we didn’t have internet and stories were told by our grandparents or those comic books which illustrated their tales. As a kid I used to love reading stories of Bhagat Singh. Then the stories of Mahatma Gandhi and his non violent ways to win over the English, infused us with values. Freedom fighter’s stories, even today, leave a sense of pride in me and give me goosebumps at times.

Given a chance to be a part of a patriotic movie or a freedom fighter’s bipoic, which freedom movement/freedom fighter would you pick? And which director would you want to work with?
I believe all freedom fighters have their own story to tell… and I am in no position to pick one story of bravery over the other. Our freedom fighters have amazing stories and playing even any one of them on the big screen will mean a lot to me as an artiste.

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