Mouni Roy on Durga Puja! Says hubby Suraj Nambiar knows a lot about Pujo and the festivities – Times of India

Mouni Roy, who got married to Suraj Nambiar in January this year, will be celebrating her first Durga Puja, post marriage. Though this calls for quite a celebration, the actress won’t go all out when it comes to enjoying the festivities as work keeps her busy. About her plans she says, “What to do… while I am busy working here every day, my husband is away in Dubai. I have managed to squeeze out some time for Maha Ashtami Anjali and I am looking forward to it.”

Even though Suraj is a Malayali, Mouni says that it surprises her that he knows so much about Bengali customs and traditions, especially Pujo. She shares, “I feel there are many similarities between our cultures. I was stunned to know that he actually knows so much about Durga Puja. I think he researched a lot about my culture before getting married to me (laughs). Also, I think it is my prerogative to educate him about everything he doesn’t know (about my culture), whether or not he wants to learn. I have also told him about pandal hopping and hopefully next year we will be able to do it.”

The actress spoke exclusively with BT last night at Bombay Times Fashion Week as she walked the ramp flaunting the gorgeous outfit curated by Abhishek Sharma. Talking about her experience, she said, “I always get nervous before stepping onto the ramp. But then I do enjoy the experience. I just loved the stage (and performing to the live audience), be it theatre, dance or reality shows or simply walking the ramp. I loved the experience of walking here. I just love my outfit. The collection was fabulous.”

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