Mumtaz to celebrate her birthday in Kenya; Fardeen-Natasha will join- Exclusive – Times of India

Mumtaz loves Mumbai and there are no two opinions about that. Having flown out to London in just May 2022, Mumtaz is back in the city amid rains. The legendary actress is now getting ready to celebrate her upcoming birthday (July 31). But hold on! Not in Mumbai but Kenya. Mumtaz’s husband Mayur Madhvani decided that Kenya would be a lovely destination to bring in his wife’s birthday. “We have a lovely property out there in Uganda and it will be fun,” Mumtaz tells ETimes.

ETimes also has it that Mumtaz’s daughter Natasha and son-in-law Fardeen Khan will also be in Kenya with her. Ditto for her daughter Tanya and her husband too.

A source says, “It will be a big family affair and each one of them has decided to enjoy every moment. Post her birthday, Mumtaz might go to Nairobi or Rome where too she has big and beautiful properties . Or, she might come back to Mumbai directly. But she will be back in the bay soon as she loves being in Mumbai.”

During her last trip, Mumtaz had caught up with several bigwigs from Bollywood-Reena Roy, Dharmendra and Shatrughan Sinha to name a few. She exchanged a lot of past memories with them and they had all welcomed her with open arms. It was nostalgia all the way.

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