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After bringing out its ‘lighted’ flagship Phone (1) to the masses worldwide, Nothing may already be ready with a Lite version of the smartphone, one without the Glyph lights, as per a report by The Mobile Indian.
As per the report, this Lite version will be (predictably) cheaper than its predecessor, with the expected price to be under Rs 30,000 but maintain the same chipset, which seems a bit odd. The company could make some other feature adjustments to compensate for the cost cutting, if there is going to be one.
With that in mind, The Nothing Phone (1) Lite phone may ditch the Glyph interface, claims the report. However, the company will continue with the transparent back panel though the design may change. Also, the Nothing Phone (1) Lite will reportedly not come with support for wireless and reverse wireless charging.
However, Nothing could also go for a more affordable chipset like the Snapdragon 695 as nothing is set in stone here, at least not yet as there is no confirmation by the company regarding the changes being proposed in the report.
The report also added that the new, Lite version of Phone (1) may come with an increased battery capacity of 5,000mAh and a 42W charger in the box.
The Lite version of the Phone (1) might find some takers who are looking for a mid-range device from a new brand that’s just subtly ostentatious. People might like a more sober-looking version of the Nothing Phone (1). But as we don’t have any confirmation from the company as of now, it’s just up for speculation.
Nothing has denied that it is working on a Lite version of the Phone (1), as per a report by Techradar. Maybe they aren’t building one or maybe they don’t plan on releasing another device so close to the launch of the first one. We’ll have to wait for the official announcement.


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