Premier League clubs vote against use of 5 substitutes next season: Report | Football News – Times of India

English Premier League clubs have voted against continuing to allow the use of five substitutes in each game next season, the BBC reported on Thursday.
Clubs were allowed to increase the number of substitutes from three per match in the 2019-20 campaign when the league restarted in June, after a three-month hiatus due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus.
Teams will revert to three substitutes in the 2020-21 campaign after a vote on Thursday, the BBC said.
Soccer’s rule-making body IFAB in May changed the rules governing the maximum number of substitutes, looking to help teams battling possible fixture congestion as they tried to complete the season in a short period of time.
The IFAB said last month that teams could continue to use up to five substitutes next season, but left it up to individual federations and leagues to decide if they wanted to adopt the rule.

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