Research: In a warmer rainforest, trees get overheated | News – Times of India Videos

Sep 30, 2022, 12:49AM ISTSource: ANI

The potential of rainforests to store carbon may diminish as a result of climate change. This is because photosynthesis rates in rainforest species’ leaves decrease at higher temperatures, and the trees’ natural cooling systems fail during droughts. Increased heat endangers animals that store the most carbon. A new thesis from the University of Gothenburg demonstrates this. Some tree species may withstand rising temperatures in the tropics by sucking up enormous amounts of water from their leaves and transpiring through wide-open pores in their leaves. These are primarily fast-growing trees that establish themselves early in the development of a rainforest. The same cannot be said for the trees that form the canopy of old-growth rainforests. They grow more slowly but become more extensive and taller, and their leaves do not have the same ability to cool themselves through transpiration.

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