‘Returnees are human capital, assets for us’ | India News – Times of India

A battle against the invisible enemy coronavirus is on and would be conquered, with the biggest challenge being the influx of 38 lakh migrants into UP, CM Yogi Adityanath tells Subhash Mishra. Excerpts:
The influx of lakhs of migrant workers in the state during early phases of the lockdown posed a major challenge. What are your plans for them?
I would say it in a different way. Labourers and workers who have returned to the state from other states due to the corona virus scare are my own people. They are my assets, a human capital. To provide them job opportunities, the state government has already started mapping their skills and they are being offered jobs accordingly.
How would you ensure employment for them. Stagnant economy and slump in markets are leading to lay-offs.
We are bringing banks and the state machinery to the workers’ doorsteps. The government has launched a mobile app to provide a common platform to skilled and semi-skilled workers. During the influx, 65,000 tailors and 50,000 drivers had returned to the state. Banks are being told to offer loans to drivers so that they can purchase vehicles.
Did the Covid situation worsen because of sudden arrival of migrant workers?
Uttar Pradesh unka ghar hai. Unka pura adhikar hai pradesh per (Uttar Pradesh is home to these migrants. They have full right on all its resources).
I am thankful to the government of India for providing Shramik Special trains, which made such a huge movement possible. I also thank our UPSRTC officials and workers, drivers and helpers. They presented a great example of humanity without caring for infection and risking their own lives. Besides, there are surveillance committees in villages. Handling such a huge influx is not an easy job. Over 35 lakh people can form a district. As far as Covid situation is concerned, it is under control in UP. We are doing much better than other states as far as the number of cases as part of population are concerned.

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