When Shah Rukh Khan confessed that he enjoys the company of women more than men: Men can’t go beyond talking ‘business, money, sex’ | Hindi Movie News – Bollywood – Times of India

Known for his impeccable acting skills, superstar Shah Rukh Khan inspires millions across the globe with his charming personality and chivalrous side. This is no secret that the superstar got the utmost respect for women and has never been heard saying anything hurtful towards them. Do you know, once the superstar had even confessed that he enjoys the company of women more than men? Yes, recently we stumbled upon an old interview of Shah Rukh where he confessed that he actually enjoys hanging out with kids and women more than men because most of the men can’t go beyond talking ‘business, money, sex.’ In a conversation with a popular magazine, SRK said, ‘I love the company of women and children. I hate the company of men. I don’t like chatting with them – they’re always talking business, money, sex. Men try to impress me.’ While confessing that he hates objectifying women or commenting on their physicality, he also mentioned an incident where a guy irritated him. He said, ‘The other day, some guy said, Come on, you like her tits? I got irritated. Life is beyond breasts. If you look at girls, it shouldn’t be because it’s cool. Be open, raw, and honest about it. Men always want you to know what they’ve done. I find that boring.’ Watch the video for more details.

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