Xiaomi India announces deals across Redmi and Xiaomi smartphones, smart TVs and other devices: Here are the offers – Times of India

Xiaomi India has announced the seventh edition of ‘Diwali with Mi’, unveiling its first wave of festive sales that offer deals across Redmi and Xiaomi devices. Consumers can grab Redmi and Xiaomi products including smartphones, Smart TVS, ecosystem devices at heavy discounts during “Diwali With Mi” on Mi.com.
As a part of the “Diwali with Mi” festive bonanza, flagship smartphones such as Xiaomi 12 Pro and Redmi K50i will be available at a starting price of Rs 45,499 and Rs 19,999, respectively. The Xiaomi 11i series will be available at a starting price of Rs 18,999 while the Redmi Note 11 Series will be available at a starting price of Rs 10,799. Also, the Mi Notebook Pro will be available for purchase at Rs 50,999.
Xiaomi India has also got offers on Xiaomi and Redmi Smart TVs. The smart TVs start at Rs 9,999.
Here are some of the offers in detail:

DEVICESelling PriceOverall DiscountEffective PriceAdditional Details
Xiaomi 12 Pro8/256 GB62,99917,50045,499Includes bank offers – ICICI, Kotak, BoB, IndusInd, SBI & payment partners like Paytm, Zest, OlaMoney
Xiaomi 11T pro8/128 GB39,99911,00028,999
Xiaomi 11i Hypercharge6/128 GB26,9997,00019,999
Xiaomi 11i6/128 GB24,9996,00018,999
Redmi K50i6/64 GB25,9996,00019,999
Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5G6/128 GB20,9994,00016999
Redmi Note 11 Pro6/128 GB17,9991,25016749
Redmi Note 114/64 GB13,4992,70010,799
Redmi Note 11S6/64 GB16,4993,25013249
Redmi Note 11 SE4/64 GB13,4992,25011249
Redmi Note 11T 5G6/64 GB16,9993,25013,749
Redmi 11 Prime 5G4/64 GB13,9992,25011,749
Redmi 10 Prime4/64 GB12,4993,0009,499
Redmi A16,4996505,849
Redmi 9A Activ4/64 GB8,4991,0007,499
Redmi 10A3/32 GB8,4998507649
Redmi 104/64 GB10,99930007999
RedmiBook 1541,99913,00028,9991 Year extended warranty worth Rs 1999 at Rs 399
RedmiBook 15 Pro49,99914,00035,999
Mi NoteBook Pro i5 R8/512 GB56,9996,00050,999
16/512 GB599997,00052,999
Mi NoteBook Ultra i58/512 GB59,9996,00053,999
16/512 GB63,9998,00055,999
Xiaomi NoteBook Pro 12069,9994,00065,999
Xiaomi NoteBook Pro 120G74,9994,00070,999
Xiaomi Pad 56/128 GB26,9994,00022,999
6/256 GB28,9992,00026,999
Mi Boost Pro Power Bank 30000mAh 18W3,4998002,699Includes bank offers – ICICI, Kotak, Bank of Baroda, IndusInd, SBI & payment partners like Paytm, Zest, OlaMoney
20000mAh Mi Power Bank 3i1,9992001,799
Xiaomi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2 Pro29,999600023,999
Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer9,99930006,999
Mi 360 Home Security Camera 2K Pro4,4995003,999
Mi Hypersonic Power Bank 20000mAh 50W3,9994003,599
Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker(16W)2,4995001,999
Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor 1S2,7993002,499
Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P24,9996,50018,499
Mi Router 4A Gigabit2,1999001,299
Mi Smart Band 52,4995001,999
Redmi Earbuds 3 pro2,9991,5001,499
Xiaomi 360 Home Security Camera 1080p 2i2,9995002,499
Xiaomi Beard Trimmer 21,9994001,599
Xiaomi Smart TV 5X 43”31,9994,00027,999
Redmi Smart TV X series 43”28,9996,00022,999
Redmi Smart TV 32”15,9996,0009,999
Xiaomi Smart TV 5A 32”15,4994,50010,999

Marking the occasion, Raghu Reddy, chief business officer, Xiaomi India, said, “Festive season is the time when consumers are looking to upgrade to newer and smarter technologies across product categories. Like every year, this is the biggest shopping season for our fans and consumers. Now in our 7th year, we are pushing boundaries with even more exciting offers during Diwali with Mi raising the bar even higher. With consumers seeking value propositions, we are confident that these unique offers will not only deliver on their expectations but also enrich their lives with meaningful innovation. Our aim with Diwali with Mi this year is to make the festive season more joyous for our consumers.”

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