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Amazon India website offers the option to return, replace and get a refund for the items under a certain window purchased on the e-commerce platform. However, there are certain criteria on which the products can be returned and replaced. For example, if you have bought a smartphone or a laptop, most likely you are only eligible for replacement and not a refund.
However, the question here is what are the ways to identify whether a product is returnable or replaceable. Also, it is important to note that there are certain guidelines that Amazon has laid down for a device to be eligible for return or replacement.
In this explainer, we will tell you everything you need to know about Amazon’s returnable and replaceable items and the guidelines. Read on:
Difference between Amazon Returnable and Replaceable items
Amazon categorises products on three parameters — Returnable, Replaceable and Non-returnable.
Non-returnable products can’t be returned, replaced or refunded. Once the device is sold there’s nothing that can be done about it.
In the case of Returnable products can be returned under the return window if there’s some issue with the product related to the quality, functionality, etc.
The Replaceable products, as the name suggests, can be replaced in case you’ve received a damaged product or if there’s some problem with it.
The key difference between the Returnable and Replaceable products is in terms of what options you get in case there’s something wrong with the product. In case of replacement, Amazon will only issue a replacement product. While in the case of Returnable products, you can get a complete refund either in your Amazon Pay balance or the selected bank account.
How to find whether a product comes under replacement or return
To check this, simply scroll down the listing page or a particular product and look for something 10 days returnable or 10 days replacement. Do note that the return window varies based on the product category.
Also, based on the received condition of the product, an item can be returned to the seller. Here’s a list:
Physically damaged
Has missing parts or accessories
Different from its description on the product detail page on

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