apple: Apple made more money from gaming than these companies combined in 2019 – Times of India

The recent antitrust trial against Apple threw some light on the corners that had hitherto been undiscovered. During the trial, it came to light that Apple raked in more money from gaming than Xbox-owner Microsoft Corporation, Nintendo Co., Activision Blizzard Inc., and PlayStation maker Sony Corp. combined in 2019, as per a report by GizmoChina.
The report states that Apple generating that kind of revenue was made possible by the 30% cut it receives from the developers on the sale of their games on the App Store and that Apple has a “considerable market share of over 55% and extraordinarily high profit margins.”
The report also adds that the claims did not sit right with Apple and the tech giant said that the “figures were not right and were higher than reality.” as the “operating margins discussed in the trial were produced without taking into account the numerous joint costs associated with the App Store. In effect, the analysis included all of the game-related revenue but only a tiny fraction of the possible cost.”
In the court battle with Epic, Apple was given a clean chit by the judge as regards to it being allegedly labelled as an “illegal monopolist”. The reasons cited for this, as per the report,, were the constant and fast expansion of the mobile gaming market and the arrival of gaming subscription services by Microsoft and Nvidia that do not need the App Store to be accessed. Epic Games had tried to rally the developers across the world to its cause when Apple removed Fortnite from the App Store, citing policy violations.

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