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Apple has updated the Fitness app on iPhone with an iOS 16 update to track fitness activities without the Apple Watch. For those unaware, before the iOS 16 update, Apple iPhone users could only track their fitness activities when it is paired with an Apple Watch.
However, with the iOS 16 update, the company has updated the Fitness app with the ability to track fitness activities independently. The question here is what all users can do using the iPhone’s updated Fitness app. How does it work, setup guide and more. Let us explain:
What’s new with iPhone’s Fitness app
Apple has updated the iPhone’s Fitness app with a new set of features. In terms of the user interface, things haven’t changed that much, except for some minor modifications. The main difference, however, is in its functionality. As mentioned, the app has now received the ability to track and record several fitness activities without the Apple Watch. That’s pretty much it. Also, the updated app comes pre-installed with the iOS 16 update. So users don’t need to update it manually to get this new feature.
What all the iPhone can record without the Fitness app
The new Fitness app can now track several activities including workouts and other physical activities using the iPhone’s built-in motion sensors. The feature works with the native Fitness app along with activities recorded by third-party fitness apps. The phone can show steps, steps climbed, calories burned and distance walked.
The only limitation here is that it can only record when things are on more. What we mean is that it can’t tell you that for how long you’ve been sitting or standing nor it can tell you for how long you’ve been working out. That’s something which we expected Apple to offer with the fitness app.
How to setup the Fitness app on iPhone
The first thing you’ll need is an iPhone running iOS 16 operating system. Now, open your Fitness app on your device. First time users will have to enter a couple of details such as date of birth, sex, height, weight, etc.
Once you’ve entered the details, tap on Done and Continue. After this, you can choose how active you want to be for each day — Lightly, Moderately and Highly. Set the Calorie target and then tap the ‘Set Goal’ button.
Also, enable Notifications for the app so that you can be notified with necessary information.
Once everything is done, the iPhone will automatically start tracking the activities. You can open the app to check out the current status right within the app.

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