Amnesty for age cheats? Ratnakar Shetty not in favour of it | Cricket News – Times of India

Ratnakar Shetty. (TOI Photo)

MUMBAI: The BCCI‘s decision to grant amnesty to registered players who voluntarily declare any age fraud has been given a thumbs-down by the Board’s senior ex-employee, Ratnakar Shetty.
Shetty was the BCCI’s joint secretary in 2003, and eventually retired as the General Manager, Game development in March 2018 and was in charge of junior cricket for a long time, and dealt with the problem of age fraud.
“I agree with all the other decisions that the BCCI has taken to curb age fraud, but I don’t agree with condoning players who commit age fraud. The Board has said that if a player comes clean (admits to his fraud) till September 15, 2020 then no action will be taken against him/her. But he/she has already denied the opportunity to a genuine player.
“Amnesty can’t be given to a player who’s already played with a false document. Where is the question of condoning such cases? And who is going to tell you that he/she has fudged his/her case?” questioned Shetty while talking to TOI on Tuesday.
Shetty though lauded the BCCI for the other moves to curb age fraud like disallowing guest players to play in age-group teams.

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