borderlands 3: You can play Borderlands 3 for free on Steam till August 12 – Times of India

Gearbox Software and 2K Games’ first person shooter game Borderlands 3 is now free to play on Steam until August 12. After August 12, the game will continue to sell at the discounted price of Rs 1,495 under a special promotion offer till August 20. The original price of the game is Rs 2,990. Those of you who want to try out Borderlands 3, five days is a sufficiently long window to get an idea about the new vault hunters and battle some of the bosses in the game.
If you have played Borderlands 2, you would be familiar with the gameplay of the various vault hunter classes. For example, Axton’s turret summoning, Maya’s trapping orbs, Salvador’s gunzerker ability etc. In Borderlands 3, you will meet four new vault hunters: Moze, Amara, FL4K and Zane. Moze is the Gunner while Amara is a Siren like Maya who can summon ethereal fists. FL4K is the Beastmaster who hunts down bandits with a group of loyal beasts at disposal while Zane is the Operative who is a battle gadget specialist. So, just like Borderlands 2, you can go for four-player co-op action.
Your antagonists would be The Calypso twins: Tyreen and Troy. They lead a faction called the Children of the Vault. They will be having the support of an army picked from a varied range of characters like mechs, monsters, mutants etc.
As for the playing style, the game is not much different from Borderlands 2. You will face various challenges and bosses in the game and also get to use and level up various weapons and gear.

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