Chunky Panday opens up about the nepotism debate, says he didn’t force daughter Ananya Panday to get into films – Times of India

Chunky Panday has been part of the industry for decades now and he has very successfully made his mark in the industry. As the debate of nepotism and insider-outsider rages on, the senior actor talks about it in the context of his daughter Ananya Panday.

Talking about the term, ‘insider-outsider’ in an interview with a news portal, Chunky reportedly said that he doesn’t even know how this term came into place. According to him, the moment you sign a film, you become an insider and it is your first assignment that makes you an insider. He also added that the equation of the industry has not changed. It is an equal playing field.

His daughter Ananya Panday has been called out many times of late for being a product of nepotism in Bollywood. Speaking about the same, cHe revealed that he wanted to become a doctor but he couldn’t become one. His father was a renowned heart surgeon and his mother was a doctor too. He also confessed that he tried but couldn’t succeed. Then he became an actor. According to him, kids today decide what they want to do.

He also opened up about his daughter being constantly attacked because of this. He said that when he came into the film industry, it was said that someone had recommended him. According to him, it was a huge thing back then. However, he feels that one has to live with it and cannot get into an argument about it.

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