Home workouts, digi fitness under the spotlight amid rising Omicron infections – Times of India

CHENNAI: Amid rising cases of Omicron, home workouts and digital fitness are again under the spotlight as people defer to renew their membership of physical gyms, while digital platforms are seeing traction.
Digital health and wellness platform HealthifyMe saw 2.3x growth in new and old user subscriptions so far in the month of January, 2022, much higher than the previous months.
HealthifyMe saw a 22% rise in transaction volume for home workouts and personal training since omicron hit in the month of January, as compared to a 15% growth in the same month last year.
Its co-founder and CEO Tushar Vashisht said though there is a steady growth in new user registrations in the month of January, the revenue grew from Rs 15 crore in January, 2021 to Rs 35 crore in January, 2022. This is more than double, recording the strongest January sales so far, he added.
The average age of customer stands between 30-35 years on these platforms. Vashisht said “Not just for weight loss, but there is a clear demand for specific-ailment oriented wellness and nutrition programs in recent times. More people want to keep disorders like diabetic, PCOS under control.
Another online fitness platform Fittr, saw its monthly average value of user subscription under its fitness and nutrition (F&N) services category increased from Rs 10,235 in 2021 to Rs 12,000 in January, 2022. Its co-founder Jyoti Dabas says this is largely driven by rising demand for premium personal training packages.
“The month of January is one of the peak months for fitness. On the value terms we saw revenue growth of 60% YoY in January, 2022, much higher than the previous years, which was largely driven by demand for standard and premium training with experienced coaches. Although renewal of membership took a slight hit in the early days of January, 2022, it picked up in the last five days,” she added.

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