‘I never said sorry’: Kangana Ranaut reacts to reports claiming she apologised to protesting farmers in Punjab | Hindi Movie News – Bollywood – Times of India

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has once again made it to the news headlines. Reportedly, a woman protester claimed that Ranaut regretted the objectionable comments against an older woman last year who had joined the protests against controversial farm laws. This reportedly happened when Kangana was mobbed in Punjab. However, the actress denied apologising to anyone. Clarifying her stance, the actress said, ‘Why should I apologise, and for what? For genuine love and concern for the people of Punjab? No, I will never do that. I always supported farmers, and that’s why I spoke in favour of the farmers’ bill. I will continue to do so.’ Earlier, the actress had taken to Instagram to share that her vehicle was stopped briefly at Kiratpur Sahib in Punjab’s Rupnagar district by a group of people. While taking to her Instagram stories, she wrote that the people who mobbed her car were claiming to be farmers. Kangana was on her way to the Chandigarh airport from Himachal Pradesh when the incident took place. Her Instagram stories read, ‘As I entered Punjab, a mob attacked my car… They are saying they are farmers’. The following videos that she posted alleged that she was ‘attacked’ by a mob, who ‘abused’ and ‘attacked’ her, and ‘threatened to kill her’. Not just this one of her stories showed her hands held by locals who surrounded her car appreciating her. Kangana also didn’t hold back in thanking them and while talking to one of the ladies who can be heard saying, ‘you are like my mother’ in Punjabi. Later on the actress took to tell her well wishers and fans that she is safe and has stepped out of that place. Kangana has been actively expressing her views since the beginning of the farmer’s protest. Her tweets and reactions on social media have attracted troubles for her while a certain section of social media users support her for her reactions.

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