shujinkou: This video game is going to help you learn Japanese – Times of India

Those who would like to learn Japanese, here’s some good news for you. Indie video game developer Rice Games’ upcoming role playing game Shujinkou would help you do just that, i.e., learn Japanese. The game is still under development and as per the game website, is slated to launch on PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch next year.

Shujinkou is a 2D Japanese role-playing game. The video game will get you started on the journey of Japanese language learning. The gameplay involves players learning and making use of Japanese to save the in-game world and defeat the ‘Akuma’. Shujinkou is claimed to help players “learn and weaponise Japanese” and hone their verb skills. It would focus on teaching the three ways of Japanese writing: Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji. Here is the recently launched trailer of the game.
The game has over 50 hours of content. As per the studio (via Twitter), it plans to include Japanese language content from N5-N3 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test “(with some special Kanji that may be seen as N1/N2 towards the end). The level a player can reach after playing until the end will really depend on how much they decide to embrace the learning mechanics.”

As per the game studio, those who are already fluent in Japanese would also enjoy playing the role playing game. In regards to the present circumstances, it would be difficult to be a student of foreign languages like Japanese. Shujinkou is aimed at bringing some fun into learning Japanese especially if you have to learn alone.

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