BMW R18 Dragster: BMW Motorrad unveils custom-made R18 Dragster – Times of India

NEW DELHI: BMW Motorrad unveiled the custom-made R 18 Dragster motorcycle which was brought to life by custom motorcycle designer Roland Sands.
Based on the BMW R18 cruiser, Sands stripped down the original motorcycle to create a straight-line dragster that is powered by BMW’s iconic engine, the Big Boxer.

The iconic 2-cylinder boxer engine can generate a maximum power output of 92 PS and offer a peak torque of 157 Nm. Although the exact performance specifications of the motorcycle have not been revealed yet, the BMW R18 Dragster is expected to offer similar figures.

The BMW R18 made its debut in April 2020 and became the first series production motorcycle in the cruiser segment being offered by the German automaker. The original R18 offers a very customizable design.

Roland Sands retained the stock neck geometry of R18 and completely changed the motorcycle’s rear to modify it into a drag racer. The front and the rear fender had to be upgraded to fit in the modified frame. The R18 Dragster took around 3 and a half months to come to life.
“The electronics were definitely the most difficult task we had to deal with as we put in nitrous oxide, stripped out the stock exhaust and changed the intake drastically. It was a bit of an experiment, but we dialed it in! The final product is impressive and characterised by a high level of craftsmanship, as can be expected from BMW Motorrad. Right from the beginning, I couldn’t wait to get customizing,” said Roland Sands, designer of the R18 Dragster.

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