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NEW DELHI: Among several significant messages conveyed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while laying down the foundation for a grand Ram temple at Ayodhya on Wednesday, there was one related to global diplomacy.
PM Modi’s 36-minute speech after the bhumi pujan was full of singing paeans in praise of Lord Ram, his life, character, worldview and ideals. This included benevolence on the one hand and growing in power on the other.
He said Lord Ram and Ramayan are all-encompassing through the ages in India and abroad.
While reiterating the popular and age-old Indian dictum “Vasudhaiva kutumbakam” (the world is a family), Modi said there are several countries where Lord Ram is present in their faith or was there in the past in one form or another.
PM Modi said, “Ram is found in different forms in Ramayan, found in different places. But Ram is everywhere and Ram is of all. Therefore, Ram is the common thread in India’s unity in diversity.”
He went on to state that several countries in the world worship Ram. The citizens of those countries consider themselves as associated with Ram.
The PM cited several countries where Lord Ram is worshipped and Ramayan is present in different forms.
He said Indonesia, the country with the most Muslim population in the world, has Kakabin Ramayan, Swarndeep Ramayan, Yogeshwar Ramayan and several other unique Ramayans. Ram is worshipped to this day, he added.
Modi went on to say: “Ramker Ramayan is read in Cambodia, Phra Lak Phra Lap Ramayan in Laos, Hikayat Seri Ram in Malaysia and Ramaken in Thailand. Ramkatha and Ram’s descriptions are found even in Iran and China. Ramayan in Sri Lanka is recited in the name of Sita Haran. The association of Nepal with Ramayan is with Sita.”
He said there are dozens of countries where Ram katha is present in their language even today. “I am sure that crores of people in these countries would be feeling happy with the start of the construction of Ram temple.”
The prime minister said Ram is of all and Ram is in all. “I am of the belief that just like Ram’s name, the grand Ram temple to come up in Ayodhya would also symbolise the rich legacy of Indian culture. I also believe that the Ram temple would inspire the whole humanity for time immemorial.”
PM Modi said this is why we have to think how the message of Lord Ram, the Ram temple and thousands of years old Indian tradition should continuously reach the whole world. “We have to ensure how the world gets familiarised with our knowledge and vision. This is our special responsibility and that of our future generations.”
He said keeping this view in mind, a Ram circuit is being created of all the places where Lord Ram put his footprints. Several historic steps are also being taken to augment Lord Ram’s divinity.
The PM went on to eulogise Lord Ram’s teachings. He said our sacred texts state that there has been no ruler on earth who is as just as Lord Ram. He teaches that no one should remain poor and sad. His social message is that males and females should be equally happy. There should be no discrimantion between the two.
Modi also said farmers and owners of cattle should always remain happy. “Elders, children and physicians should always be protected. COVID-19 pandemic has taught this to us,” he said.
He said according to Ram’s exhortation, it is the duty of all to protect those who take refuge under them. Ram’s commitment teaches us to accord more importance to our motherland than even heaven.
PM Modi also cited Lord Ram to convey the message that India needs to grow stronger to instil a sense of fear among other nations. “And Ram’s policy is also ‘Bhay binu hoye na preeti’. The stronger our country becomes, the greater the peace would be,” he said.
He said these policies and principles have been guiding India for ages. Mahatma Gandhi had dreamt of Ram Rajya based on these principles. Ram’s life and character are Mahatma Gandhi’s way to Ram Rajya.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi said Lord Ram himself said he speaks according to time, place and situation. Ram teaches us to move ahead with time. He is in favour of change and modernity. India is moving ahead by following his ideals.
There is no aspect of life which Ram does not inspire. There is no feeling in the country in which Ram is not visible. Ram is in India’s faith, ideals, divinity and philosophy.
The PM said Lord Ram’s ideals thousands of years ago are on display not just in Valmiki’s works but he was also providing strength through Tulsidas, Kabir and Guru Nanak. Ram’s non-violence and satyagraha were also present in the bhajans of Mahatma Gandhi during the freedom struggle.
He went on to say that Valmiki’s Ramayan describes the kind of Ram who was representing India thousands of years ago. Ram was providing strength to the country through Tulsidas, Kabir and Guru Nanak in the medieval period. The same Ram was present as the force behind non-violence and satyagrah in the bhajans of Mahatma Gandhi during the freedom struggle. Gautam Buddha is also associated with Ram. Ayodhya has been a centre of Jainism for ages.
Modi said Ram’s character and omnipresence through the ages are a source of inspiration behind unity and diversity.
Ramayan is present in different regions and languages, such as Kamb Ramayan in Tamil, Raghunath and Rangnath Ramayan in Telugu, Ruipat Katelpadi Ramayan in Oriya, Kumdendu Ramayan in Kannada, Ramavtar Charit in Kashmir, Ramcharitam in Malyalam and Kritivas Ramayan in Bangla. Gurugobind Singh himself wrote Govind Ramayan.
The PM also talked about the importance of Lord Ram in the life of a believer.
“India’s faith, the relevance of the country’s people and the collective strength of this timelessness are a subject for the whole world to study and do research on.”
PM Modi said Lord Ram’s character, which revolves around a centre point, is being unwavering for truth. This is the reason why Shri Ram is complete. This is the reason why he remains the source of light for India for thousands of years. “His amazing personality, bravery, generosity, unflinching truth, fearlessness, patience, resolve and worldview would keep inspiring the world for ages.”
Modi said Lord Ram showers similar love for all his subjects but he pays more attention to the poor and the downtrodden. This is the reason why Maa Sita says about Lord Ram that he changes the ill-fortune of the deprived.

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