Chinese app ban: Xiaomi has a message for its users – Times of India

The government has recently banned several apps of Chinese origin and this has affected Xiaomi in India as it pre-installs a couple of these banned apps on all of its phones. The banned apps include Mi Browser among others. Now the company has assured that none of the blocked apps will be available by default on future Xiaomi phones.
“We are developing a new version of MIUI that will be built without pre-installation of any of the blocked apps,” said Xiaomi in a statement. The new MIUI will be rolled out in a phased manner in the coming weeks.
Xiaomi also clarified the issue with the MIUI Cleaner app using Clean Master that is banned by the government. The company said that MIUI Cleaner is an independent app and it is not using Clean Master and that the company is following the ban enforced by the government.

Xiaomi further said that since 2018, 100% data of Indian users are stored on servers that are located in India and “none of this data is shared with anyone outside of India”.
All upcoming Xiaomi smartphones will come with the update software without Mi Browser or any other app that is banned by the Indian government, said the company.
The company also warned people against spreading misinformation. “We have also noticed some stray instances of misinformation being spread regarding the above points. Xiaomi reserves the right to take legal action against false accusations of its non-compliance with Government orders.We are and will be 100% compliant with the Indian Govt,” it said.

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