Coronavirus vaccine update: 3 COVID vaccines enter late stage of testing, Indian vaccines in phase II, here is everything we know so far | The Times of India

UK-based Oxford University, which has partnered with pharma maker AstraZeneca is also in its Phase III of testing, which is also being outsourced to countries like Brazil, US and India. The start of Phase III trials was advanced after positive data was observed in pre-clinical studies. Dosing of volunteers is currently underway. As per reports, the trials are going on well and researchers are seeing results as they had expected.

While early studies have reported volunteers suffering from mild to moderate side-effects, some of the volunteers who will be dosed will now be given paracetamol tablets on an SOS basis so as to root out concerns of any kind of febrile reactions, high temperature or seizure.

AstraZeneca, interestingly, has also signed up with China-based Shenzhen Kangtai Biological Products to accelerate production on its novel vaccine.

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