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AA+Covid-19 indicated within 5 minutes
Breakthrough Testing Solution from ESDS

While the world is striving to come out with a vaccine for the dreaded Covid-19 pandemic, India’s leading IT solutions company, ESDS Software Solution Pvt. Ltd. has launched an AI (Artificial Intelligence) enabled AA+ COVID-19 DETECTION SOLUTION, powered by Deepiotics. This is by far the most essential assistive tool for quick detection of the Covid-19 pandemic in a hugely populated country like India. Unique advantages of the solution are contactless procedure and results obtained within less than 5 minutes.
As the solution enables detection from Chest X-Ray, health officials have to just collect the digital X-Ray, upload on a web browser and submitting by click of a button, the status of COVID-19 is indicated within minutes.
The solution has been successfully implemented under Proof of Concept by Municipal Corporations, State Health Services and major Private Hospitals in India.
Speaking about the launch, ESDS Group Founder, CEO & CMD, Mr. Piyush Somani said, “We have successfully catered to need of the hour with rising number of Covid-19 cases and also stressed testing centres. Our solution will also satisfy patients with faster result of Covid-19 testing. The solution has scanned thousands of Chest X-Rays from India, USA, UK and Italy. It is a matter of pride that this Indian company brings unique, cost effective and rapid detection testing solution to the entire world fighting pandemic.”
ESDS has also rolled out its Mobile X-Ray Testing Vans for Nashik District & Malegaon and these are moving in all the RED, ORANGE and GREEN zones whereby the hospitals have gained precious time in controlling the spread of virus. The tested accuracies of results are 96% for Asymptomatic and 99% for Symptomatic patients.

It is worth the mention that established tests such as SWAB take 2-3 days for results. While SWAB is recommended after 5th day of infection, ESDS detected positive patient within 24 hours of infection with this solution. While inviting partners, Radiologists, Hospitals & NGO’s to collaborate in this giant effort to contain COVID-19, Mr. Somani said that, the use of next generation Digital X-Ray machines with lesser radiation is much safer. Around 50+ hospitals and radiologists have already partnered with ESDS on this solution.
Starting its operations with a global mind-set in 2005 from a tier-3 city like Nashik, ESDS has a footprint in 19 nations across the world. ESDS acts as a catalyst for digital transformation in the modern outcome-based economy by enabling organizations to embrace advanced technologies. With its innovative solutions, dedicated workforce and a vibrant customer relationship, ESDS has carried at least 750+ organizations to great heights of success.

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Disclaimer: Content Produced by ESDS Software Solution Pvt Ltd

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