Woman loses 76kg and plans to participate in beauty pageant after leaving ‘toxic’ boyfriend – Beauty Pageants – Indiatimes

Alida Elizabeth Dreyer, 27, who lives in Sydney, Australia, was spurred to lose weight after she broke up with her boyfriend two days after she saw a fertility specialist. She suffered a number of health issues, and was also bullied at school which made her begin to skip school as her mental health deteriorated.

Alida always wanted to be a mother and decided to try for a baby with her boyfriend at the time – however, she discovered she was suffering from PCOS after struggling to conceive naturally.

According to the sources, She started gaining weight steadily over ages 6 to 23 and would self-harm and suffered from suicidal thoughts for years before being diagnosed with depression at the age of 12. She felt as though she was not worthy of living and that there must have been something wrong with her.

After undergoing surgery and switching to a vegan diet Alida has turned into a whole new person after kicking her 5,000 calories a day habit. Alida, who is originally from South Africa, lost more than 76 kg after putting an end to her obsession with fast food.

“I ended a toxic relationship with my boyfriend at the time, he did not dump me. I left him because the relationship was extremely unhealthy,” says Alida. After her unhealthy relationship, she controlled her portion size by overhauled diet and exercise routine, and by also undergoing gastric sleeve surgery in 2017.

Dreyer is planning to participate in a beauty pageant contest. She’s gearing up to showcase her amazing transformation at a fitness competition next year. Alida has now transformed her life and the weight loss helped her regain her confidence.

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